Marketing on Social Media

A package of measures to use social media as a channel for promoting pharmaceutical companies and solving other business tasks.

Promotion of pharmaceutical companies in social networks

Groups, publics and profiles can be created in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Instagram. This allows reaching a large audience and providing timely information about promotions, discounts and brand news.

Social Media Pages

Creation and maintenance of pages in social networks

  1. The cost of this service is determined by agreement.
  2. Creation and maintenance of a page / group in Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, OK, Google Plus (Google+) and others.
  3. Creation and maintenance of blogs in Livejournal, Blogger.
  4. Create and maintain Twitter accounts.
  5. Page design and customization.
  6. Preparation and writing of thematic reviews and articles.
  7. Filling pages with content (text materials, photo, audio, video).
  8. Information update, moderation, work with subscribers.

Social Media Advertising

Targeting advertising in social media

  1. The cost of this service is determined by agreement.
  2. Geographical targeting – show is carried out depending on the specific region / city / area.
  3. Social and Demographic Targeting – gender, age, marital status and other social criteria. 
  4. Context targeting – display according to the interests (membership in thematic groups, etc.).
  5. Behavioral targeting – displaying depending on specific actions (search queries).

We will prepare a marketing plan for information promotion of your company’s website in social networks. We will carry out a complex of works on integration of your Internet resources with social networks. If necessary – we will create profiles in social networks of your company. We will organize targeted advertising campaigns.

Marketing in social networks. The cost is specified. 

Examples of promotion


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