Email Marketing

Information promotion in email mailings on the base of subscribers of the PharmProm

Informational promotion in Email newsletters

We offer placement of announcements and advertising banners in Email newsletters, as well as special Email mailings with: commercial offers, announcements of events, product presentations, etc. On the base of subscribers of the PharmProm

Email Banner

Banner advertising in the Email newsletter from 420 Euro per month.

  1. Banner size – 300×150 px
  2. Banner formats – static (JPG, GIF), animated (GIF).
  3. Text description in 2 lines approximately 70 simbols.
  4. Time of banner placement – at least 1 month.

Email Advertising

Announcement in the news Email newsletter from 200 Euro per month.

  1. The number of mailings – min.5, max. 10 per month
  2. Formats of the announcement – text. Title – 80 symbols, description – 120 symbols.

Special Mailing

Specialized Email mailing from 300 Euro per month.

  1. Date is specified.
  2. Title – up to 120 symbols, text description – up to 1200 symbols, image size – 600×400 px.
  3. Logotype up to 300 px, contact information.
  4. Call to action with landing page navigation.

To prepare and conduct an advertising campaign with the help of Email marketing PharmProm it is necessary to fill in an application form and send advertising material: text, graphics, illustrations (photos), logo, contact information. 


Please note that the administration of PharmProm has the right to reject the advertising campaign. Without explanation of reasons, if it considers that the information provided by the applicant does not comply with the subject matter and rules of the portal.

Individual solutions for Email marketing of PharmProm are also possible. The cost is specified.

Examples of placement

Email marketing application form